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Product description


STWF3005 RS-485/422 To Wifi Ethernet TCP/IP Serial Device Server

STWF3005 RS-485/422 To Wifi Ethernet TCP/IP Serial Device Server


Specification & Features

  • wireless serial port server offers wireless transceiver and high speed serial port, conforming to IEEE802.11b/g wireless network communication standard. The maximum standard transmission distance is 300M and further wireless communication can be achieved by additional high gain external antenna, which can not only prevent difficult wiring but also lower construction cost, specially suitable for devices like industrial environment and factory automation system, on-site monitoring system, etc.
    • 802.11b/g industrial standard wireless network interface can achieve easy access to WLAN via wireless network card or AP
    • The built in web server can be used for remote configuration, monitoring and maintenance of serial devices
    • Offer 1- RS-485/422 serial port
    • Support TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP, Telnet, TFTP, DHCP, SNMP
    • Support VPORTS mode, offer virtual serial port software
    • Watch Dog time: 1 second automatic hardware reset
    • 600W surge protection for RS-485/422 serial port
    • Integrated wireless net and serial port state LED display
    • Power supply voltage: +9V to +36VDC.
    • Working temperature range: -40ºC to +85ºC.


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