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Product description


STUB002 USB 2.0 to RS485 converter cable

STUB003B USB 2.0 to RS485/RS422 RS-485/422 RJ45 converter cable FT232


Specification & Features

  • STUB003B is a kind of USB to RS-485/422 industrial intelligent converter. It is the best solution for the communication between USB and RS-485/422. Compared with RS-232 to RS-485/422 converter, USB to RS-485/422 converter has many advantages for Modem, PDA, GPS, Bar Code, Digitizer, Digital Camera, Label printer & ISDN terminal adapter, etc.

  • Features
    1. chipset: FTDI FT232R
  • 2. It is easier access to serial device for RJ-45 interface .
  • 3. Real USB 2.0 specification compliant.
  • 4.TIA/EIA RS-485/422 standard compliant.
  • 5. baud rate: 300bps---912.6Kbps.
  • 6. receive buffer:256 byte , transmit buffer: 126 byte.
  • 7. FIFO receive and transmit buffers for high data throughput.
  • 8. Transmit distance: 0--1200 M. (The longer distance, the lower rate.)
  • 9. connecting capability: 1--32 RS485/422 devices.
  • 10. Supports automatic handshake mode.
  • 11.Supports remote wake up and power management.
  • 12.Auto sense serial signal rate. Zero delay automatic transmit.
  • class : 600W surge and 15KV static electricity protection.
  • 14.Supports Windows 98/ME/XP/Server 2003/Vista/WIN7/Server 2008, Linux, Mac OS 8 or above & WinCE 4.2 or above.


user manual for STUB002 USB 2.0 to RS485 converter cable

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