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PC computer laptop diagnostic post test card

There are many kinds of pc diagnostic post test debug card,they are used to find failed part of motherboard whenr repair computer or laptop. PCI port post test card is for motherboard, mini pci-e,mini pci,LPC,ELPC and LPT port diagnostic post debug card are used to test motherboard of laptops.You also can find many BGA tools in our eshop .


Riser card

Now,more and more motherboard has only PCI-E epxress 1X slot and big convenience of mini ITX case,but how should we do if we have no suitable card for these motherboard and mini ITX case? Here you can find solution for them: PCI riser card , PCI-E expres riser card .


HDD/SSD SATA interface adapter card

You can find from here all kinds of SATA interface HDD/SSD adapter card for computer: SATA 22PIN,Micro SATA 16pin,power over eSATA,SATA LIF,mini SATA mSATA,Macbook Air/PRO/IMAC/ASUS Ultrabook UX21.UX31/Lenovo X1 mini SATA SSD,NGFF M.2 SATA SSD.



Full range of data communication products,RS232 to RS485,RS232 to RS485/422 converter,it is widely used in field:Point to point, point to multi-point communication; Industrial distribution system, industrial control automation; Road traffic control automation; Closed circuit monitoring; Security protection system; Intelligent card, check on work attendance gate safety system.



Other adapter card

You can find from here all kinds of adapter card for computer, CF,SD,IDE,SATA,micro SATA,SLIM SATA,ESATA,ZIF,mini PCI-E,PCI,PCI-E express,PCMCIA,express card,USB 2.0,3.0,power over esata,VGA,DVI,HDMI,RCA video,sound, lan card adapter converter and cables.


If you have adapter card to develop or copy, pls tell us, we can provide ODM and OEM for customers.

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